SR4 final 01
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Subtitle – PROJECT FLYING PIG SR4 (2014 Edition)
Imagine being a pro motocross factory racing team with a highly skilled machinist ready to make any…

LA-Supercross-2-Practice (600x800)
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The motocross industry is on fire with news of Ryan Villopoto announcing his retirement from racing. His final season racing MXGP was a nicely hyped…

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Got Twitter? I’ve decided to try something new, so RC Dirt Bike Action is on Twitter @RCDBAction Got an rc dirt bike photo to share?…

By: JohnnyMc - 26 Jun 2015 - 0 Comments now has available for sale the CSF411 1/4 rc bike. There are two versions available – nitro motocross and electric supermoto. Also available sold…

ARX 3D filoalfa-moto
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Details have emerged from the Robot & Makers Milano Show this past June 6 & 7 in Italy regarding a collaboration between Filoalfa and AR…

edling germany track
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An announcement for an Alpencup offroad rc dirt bike race is scheduled for August 8-9, 2015 at the EOC Edling track in Germany. You…

RT SR4 01
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The SkyRC SR4 rc dirt bike has demonstrated to be very stabile with it’s e-gyro. Rich Tomlinson not only made his SR4 look great, but…

Video: MM450 At Rocky RC Dirt Track
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Check out this video from Chris Haertel driving his MM450 at a local track in Australia. Great jumps, good traction, and smooth driving combine to…

DrTK photo 2008 nuremberg fair
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Anyone into dirt bike sidecars? It is very hard to find many photos or videos for radio control, that’s for sure! The first example of…

TarloRC arx-2
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Found some beautiful photos buried in the Italian forum of the most amazing UFO brand replica chest protector for ARX540 rider by user TarloRC….