Trailer by Uwe Ueberrhein
By: JohnnyMac - 18 Apr 2016 - 0 Comments

This trailer had me second guess if it was full size or for rc bikes. If it wasn’t for the oversized garden chair in the…

VMX Sidecar
By: JohnnyMac - 8 Apr 2016 - 1 Comments

For any of you into off road sidecars, also known as side hacks, this conversion of a VMX450 1/4 rc dirt bike should be inspiring….

VMX450 Resurrected
By: JohnnyMac - 10 Mar 2016 - 6 Comments

Can it be true? It appears the VMX450 rc bike is resurrected from the ashes Venom/Atomik left behind. The story goes when Atomik abandoned(!) production…

timmahh m5 photo1
By: JohnnyMac - 8 Dec 2015 - 0 Comments

The internet is a great source for sharing projects. Sometimes though, inspiration fades, motivations change, or life gets in the way. It is great discovering…

By: JohnnyMac - 20 Nov 2015 - 1 Comments

SKYRC has updated its Super Rider 1/4 bike from SR4 model to SR5. The SKYRC SR5 website looks identical to the SR4 website except for…

By: JohnnyMac - 9 Oct 2015 - 0 Comments

On Tuesday October 6th Axial Racing teased on their Twitter page Axialrc a photo of what appears to be a front spoke rim with knobby…

Video – How to Launch Your RC Dirt Bike
By: JohnnyMac - 25 Sep 2015 - 0 Comments

I have been doing it all wrong this whole time! The higher you throw the bike, the better!

Seriously, do not do this! LOL…

NitroM5 01
By: JohnnyMac - 11 Sep 2015 - 0 Comments

If you are a fan of the Anderson M5 Cross 1/5 rc dirt bike (aka DX450 here in the US), but wish there were a…

Themoz74 ARX540
By: JohnnyMac - 20 Aug 2015 - 0 Comments

Where are the ARX540 owners? Here is one! User Themoz74 on RCGroups shared photos and specs of his AR Racing ARX540 and mods he has…

CR CWR track
By: JohnnyMac - 7 Aug 2015 - 1 Comments

Chris Rappel recently purchased the X-Rider BX4 rc dirt bike for him and his son to enjoy. Since then, he has posted up a great…